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Nuala, Rob & Rylie Dog travel in the big friendly rig; gathering stories and memories to share.

Everyone has dreams; it’s good to talk about them, sharing them, focus on them and especially plan making them happen. I couldn’t stop talking, and share, and planning and hoping and dream’in some more. Our plan was to move to Spain, travel and work and experience but COVID had other plans. After a pivot it was time for another RV, time to see more of our country, time to work, travel, live and love some more.

We’re off in the BFR (Big ‘Friendly’ Rig); Nuala, Rob & Rylie Dog to explore parts unknown. Follow along, read our blogs, checkout our posts and reach out with your dreams, maybe we can stop by to visit and hear more.

A fun bit of info is that on the work part of our journey we’ll be supporting First Responders and Hazmat Teams with our company Hazmat Resource – hazmatresource.com We’ll visit departments all across the country and help tell their stories as they make us all a little safer everyday.

Hope to see you on the road or a least online!

The BFR - Outlaw 37' Toyhaulder

7 months ago

6 years of travels

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