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Vacation During Wildfires

Our vacation in Guerneville on the Russian River with my step-daughter was postponed. We moved it to the following weekend and wanted to shorten her drive by a few hours, so South Lake Tahoe here we come.

As the week leading up progressed the Tamarack Fire expanded, we read the updates, as it expands, make ”calculated’ decisions and decide to continue our trip to Lake Tahoe. There are evacuations routes to the North, the tourism board isn’t ‘worried’.

So off we go to Lake Tahoe, some days are clear and beautiful, some the smoke blots the sky. There we’re many vacation spots we considered but seems the mix of drought, climate change, heat domes, and more make experiences like wildfires the new norm. At the time or writing this blog there are 85 large fires have burned 1.5 million acres 13 states this season.

But, this isn’t a complaint, I guess like a year with COVID we all get used to thing and life moves forward, enjoy when you can.

Clear Blue Water

Our first day out sightseeing was amazing, blue, breezy, warm, about as good as Lake Tahoe gets.

Smoke on the Water

Gotta take the good with the bad, day two at the lake shore.