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RV Fix of the Week – Window Channel

RV’s truly are moving homes and every owner know that stuff breaks… Often! But really like with any home there’s maintenance whether it lawn care or in our case fixes, hence, RV Fix of the Day.

Today’s fix is located on a small window in the slider area. These little windows don’t slide left to right, they are raised up.

The ‘Window Channel’ that holds onto the glass to raise the glass came apart. The window channel also contains a locking mechanism that seems unneeded unless a baby is going to break in through the window.

Additionally in their haste the manufacturer used screws that are 1mm too long for the locking mechanism. I’ll cut the ends off the screws with a Dremel to then remount the lock without splitting the channel from the glass.

Window channel w/ latch
Channel gasket
Screws are too long!
Prep & clean window
Add dot of weak adhesive
Push gasket & channel onto glass

I’ve also added a few dots of a weak adhesive in case I need to ever replace the window or any parts. Our favorite go to adhesive in the RV is E6000 Fray Lock which we also use to secure misc items to surfaces. Save tons of time when preparing to move locations, less stuff to put away the better!

If you have any questions on fixes get in touch thebigballoftwinetour ‘at